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About Space Dog Games

Space Dog Games is a small indie-game project currently working on it's very first game, Lightborn. As the only artist, Fredrik Mac Leod is developing this project mostly on his own. So modelling, animation, rigging, coding, sound editing, writing is done by one person. If the dream comes true, he will be producing more interesting interactive stories and games in a very near future.

Space Dog Games always puts the story and the character center stage. And will be aming to release future experiences on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, iOS, and Android. 





April 4-6

It's official! Space Dog Games is going to be at EGX REZZED in April! Get your ticket and come be the first to play Lightborn in it's early stages. I'm very excited to meet you and and so hoping to see you there.




Release - tba

A story about a hero's unexpected appearance into a once peaceful world...
There is a lot to explore, missions to take on and characters to meet.
And then there is that door... isolated, standing all by itself.
Locked, but I swear I could heard someone from the other side!

Eep - A Journey Up

Release - tba

A cute and quirky puzzle game where we get to follow Eeps journey up a tower.

The demo for this game was completed during Self Isolation and can be down loaded and played for free.



London, UK


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